Vaughan Restoration offers many services ranging from minor brick repair to custom stone features, with our specialty being repointing. Our services can be split into two categories: Restorations and new work. We are experts in both new and traditional masonry.

Our Assessments
We pride ourselves in giving excellent customer service and offering thorough assessments to our clients. As you start your home or contracting project, be sure to call us to make an assessment of the masonry and contributing factors for the conditions.  If you are having interior moisture issues, we can diagnose the cause due to the condition of exterior masonry. We work from structural reports and specification to correct structural damage and upgrades. During all our processes, we ensure the use of proper lime based mortars to match the consistency, color and texture with the matching finished joint profile.


This is the process of renewing mortar joints in masonry construction. Over time, weathering and decay causes voids in the joints between masonry units (usually bricks) allowing the undesirable ingress of water. Repointing is also called pointing or pointing up. We offer two types of repointing: 100% Repointing and Spot Repointing. Please visit our Repointing Page for more information and classroom opportunities.

Brick Repair and Replacement
Brick working and historical buildings will eventually need repair. Each season that passes causes more exposure to weather and inclement conditions, which allows for structural deterioration. Our service includes fixing brick arch failures, replacing loose or missing bricks, or dismantling to rebuild damage masonry.

Stone Repairs and Replacement
Whether you have a stone that needs repair or patching, we can match materials in color, texture, and consistency of your original Sandstone, Brownstone or Limestone. We are experts in matching new to existing stone and use painstaking methods to match the stones int he best manner possible to get a harmonious look and feel for the building.

Cleaning and Paint Removal
Got graffiti? Call us to properly remove any paint or stains from your stone. We evaluate the proper material and methods of paint removal and cleaning of masonry structures. Our attention to detail will leave your stone looking as good as new. We use environmentally safe products and careful water pressure in this process.

New Work

Additions to Existing Structures
Our goal is to help you make conscientious additions to your existing structure, whether it be a home or commercial building. During the process of the addition, we will continue to pay attention to make the details matter. This service includes brick matching to keep your addition consistent with your original structure. Another way we keep your structure consistent is through mortar and architectural designs.

Are you looking to add value to your property? This is a great way to add value and extra space to your home. We will expand your home to the great outdoors with this popular living space.

Create an elegant welcome space to your home with a wonderful new walkway. This service includes restoring current sidewalks and building new ones.

Custom Stone Features
This service is a specialty that we offer. We work with you to add a custom aspect to your stonework. This ranges from custom stone artwork to structural details. It is our job to bring your ideas to reality with your stone project.