Vaughan Masonry Restoration, founded in 1987 by President and owner Mark Vaughan is an historic masonry repointing, repairs and cleaning company. We are experts in masonry using traditional and modern techniques. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, we have a long history working in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia areas. We have developed a reputation for quality work done with the utmost care and precision to preserve the color, texture and integrity of the original building, whilst ensuring structural integrity and longevity. We are also experts with regard to water issues and can quickly come in and diagnose and restore/repair upper level and foundation problems.

President Mark Vaughan brings over 30 years of experience working with masonry of all kinds. Our company does general masonry related contracting as well as spot work and new building projects of the residential variety. We are equally comfortable working direct with a client or working with an architectural firm. We are proud of our 12 dedicated and hard working craftsmen on staff. Many of our team has been with the company for over 20 years and all Vaughan staff are experts at hand restoration. We use proven, time-tested techniques to perform our work with superior results.

We serve a residential clientele for the most part, though we also do work with historic societies to preserve and repair some of the most beloved landmarks in the MD/VA/DC areas.


What sets Vaughan apart from other companies is the fact that we take the time it takes to do the work properly. Being very sensitive and conscious to maintain the integrity of historic homes and buildings in order to preserve them is the key to the success of our work. We set high standards to ensure that we save and protect the original masonry units (brick, limestone, granite, terracotta, etc.). We are proud of our high rate of being able to salvage even the most worn masonry units to ensure preservation of the original building material. If replacement is required, we take the time to match the stone color, texture and consistency and use the proper mortars to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious result to the work done. When doing masonry cleaning, such as removal of graffiti, we take extra time and use non abrasive methods to remove any such damage. We also pay close attention to the type of masonry unit being worked on to achieve maximum results with minimal invasion. We want to make it look like we were never there!


With over 100 years of combined work experience in a very specialized craft, we bring to you, our client an incredible amount of skill and the patience and time it takes to get the work done to achieve a seamless result. From small projects to huge renovations, our skilled craftsmen pay special attention to the need of the building to restore and seal the stone so that it is not only beautiful looking, but so that it is weather-tight. We realize it takes a certain attitude and approach to get quality results and Vaughan is 110% dedicated to each project to ensure you get quality service and a seamless result.


All quotes and estimates are done personally by Mark Vaughan with 1-3 site visits. Mark spends a lot of time with customers trying to explain and inform and to make you understand what the cause of your issue is. This really sets Vaughan apart from many companies. Vaughan Restoration Masonry takes the time to give you personal attention to get the best results for your projects!

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